To trace the origins of Aktron we need to venture back in to the early 1990’s. Founder, Warren Suckling, ran a busy farm machinery business from Amberley in rural North Canterbury, and with the intention of keeping his aging father occupied (who was struggling with the concept of retirement) Warren became a distributor of Castrol lubricants which his father began peddling around the North Canterbury farmers he knew so well. This proved to be surprisingly successful and Oil Distributors (as it was known then) began to spread its wings and service customers further afield.

On one of his regular trips to the UK, Warren learned about Newton Lubricants, manufactured in England, and with Castrol making things increasingly difficult for Oil Distributors, it was decided to import a range of Newton products to distribute in New Zealand. Soon after, Newton was acquired by the renowned Morris Lubricants and Oil Distributors became the proud agent of this high-quality brand in New Zealand. This became the catalyst of Oil Distributors quickly gaining traction in the competitive New Zealand lubricants market. 

Warren’s son Garth left school and joined the budding business and his itchy feet drove him to get behind the wheel and he began travelling the South Island, promoting the Morris brand with instant success. The unique quality of product and service quickly took hold and Oil Distributors grew quickly, regularly shifting premises over the next 10 years as the company outgrew its resources. 

New products, staff and resources were added as Oil Distributors grew and the company became recognized across New Zealand as a committed family business, providing quality products alongside exceptional service. Other locations were added through out the country giving Oil Distributors the ability to service large and small customers across New Zealand. Oil Distributors recently added the world-renowned Petronas brand which further broadened the company’s lubricant offering and complemented the existing brands that have served Oil Distributors so well. 

Today, Oil Distributors, recently re-branded Aktron to reflect our development as a company, remains a respected figure in the lubricants market in New Zealand. Well recognized in the industry due to our proud history, Aktron has big plans for further expansion in the future which promises exciting times ahead for its stakeholders and customers alike.